Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Still, reading? Okay, I’m going to have to admit to a certain amount of bias with that answer. Forgive me.

There are, however, a lot of genuine reasons why working with a digital marketing agency would make a big difference to your business. And the same general principles apply whether you’re a startup or a multinational.

Businesses that haven’t dealt with agencies before are sometimes reluctant to consider it, quite often because they’re worried about the cost. But keeping your marketing in-house doesn’t necessarily save you any money, and potentially costs you a lot of opportunities.

In your personal life, you probably hire lots of people to do things that you could do “in house” or “in a garden” or wherever. Generally, there’s a reason why it makes more sense to get some outside help.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Hiring a cleaner

Few of us hire a cleaner because we literally cannot clean things. The point of a cleaning service is to free up your time from doing household chores so you can get on with something else. If you’re a lawyer, it makes more sense for you to be reading up on a case or meeting a client than cleaning the refrigerator.

Marketing is similar. It’s a part of your business that’s valuable and causes problems if not attended to regularly. So if you’re busy doing what you do best – sales, operations, finance – why not hire a specialist who will ensure your ongoing marketing activity is effective, efficient and consistent.

Hiring a photographer

However great the camera on the latest iPhone is, you won’t find many people getting married without a photographer present. You don’t just hire them for their equipment, you hire them for their creativity, their knowledge of how to frame the perfect shot, capture unique angles and portray your big day in the best light.

Despite what you might think, creativity isn’t some mystical talent bestowed on a select few of us. Everyone can be creative. But great creative work comes from people who work on their skills every day, honing and improving their talent through regular use, and keeping up to speed with the latest trends or developments in their area. We’re lucky to have a few here – and they could be working on your next project.

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Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

There are, however, a lot of genuine reasons why working with a digital marketing agency would make a big difference to your business.


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