Avoid insane follow spree


A basic mistake that many make is that they go on a crazy follow spree hoping that others would follow back in return and later on, unfollow. This is not just impolite and unethical but not very prudent as well. People in the online world are not all amateurs and they eventually do find out what is happening. Such an approach to growth will have a ceiling with minimum engagement and you would be better off socializing and only following people that are in your niche or have accounts similar to yours. Following popular accounts is also wise as it enhances the opportunities of getting several accounts to follow you. However, avoid doing this to later unfollow as this will only hinder your success in the late stages.


Do not buy likes and followers


Buying likes and followers will not help in growing your Instagram account; instead, it will fill it with fake and spam accounts. Having real followers and connections is much better because if you’re trying to sell something, you’re not going to get any luck with people that do not exist and only real followers are the potential customers. Moreover, as stated earlier, the cyber world is not amateur and assuming so would be fooling oneself only. People eventually realize the trick behind the multiplication and rapid increase of followers and it will let them know the deceit behind it. Your engagement is your Instagram reviews section; essentially, it will help increase further engagement as well. Consider replying to comments on your posts as well. Giveaways aren’t the answer, friends tagging friends is.


Avoid unnecessary and excessive hashtags


Do not go crazy with useless hashtags or usage of pretty much every hashtag relevant to your niche. Again, this goes hand in hand with representing your brand, you want to make sure your account doesn’t look clumsy or spam-filled with ridiculous amounts of hashtags. You definitely do not want irrelevant hashtags that portray desperation and therefore avoid the commonly used ones like #followme #followers4followers. These are inefficient and if they do manage to get you likes and followers, they will only be temporary without adding value to your account.


Avoid multiple and quick posting


A common mistake that some make is that they post a new post very near the previous one. Avoid posting multiple posts in the same hour unless it is directly related to the previous one and relevant as well. This basic error will crowd your followers’ feed and hinder your engagement on your pictures. Once people make up their minds, it is very difficult to change it and if they view you as an excessive poster or an over-user, they will treat your shared material as irrelevant and potential spam. You will definitely be better off posting throughout the day with spaced out time, giving your followers time to appreciate your post.


Avoid repetition


Repeating the same comments on peoples’ posts will also make you appear to be a spammer. In addition, avoid liking every picture. Being real is the deal here. Do you genuinely like this thing? Ask yourself. If you do, go ahead and if you don’t then ignore and move on. Being classy, even in the cyber world, does not go undetected.

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