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It’s easy to spend money on pay-per-click marketing, but not always as easy to make money. Our managed campaigns bring you better quality visitors who are genuinely interested in your offer, giving a higher return on your investment.

We’ll help to identify which platform is the right one for your business, whether that’s advertising on search engines, social media search or video search.
Identifying your prospects is vital to a successful SEM campaign. Our search team will assist you in building detailed buyer profiles, and segmenting your audience to target each of your campaigns with greater accuracy.

Our creative team have in-depth experience in creating eye-catching, effective and high-converting ads for each of the major platforms, and will help you present your product or service in the most attractive way for your chosen demographic.

We’ll provide you with the reporting tools you need to monitor the performance of your campaigns, control and assign spending and manage this on your behalf if needed. We can set up sophisticated AB testing to try out different variants of your ad and identify the winning combination.

Each project is different, but typical elements include:

  • Setting up your ad account on the relevant platform for you
  • Creating and testing multiple versions to establish the highest performing ad
  • Segmenting audiences and matching your ads to their interests
  • Monitoring campaigns and continually adjusting and improving
  • Calculating ROI and redirecting spending to where it is most profitable
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