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Effective social media use is crucial to promote your product, build your pipeline and grow your sales. We’ll help you identify and engage with your prospects, and find out what they’re thinking.

Selecting the right platforms is crucial. Not all brands are suited to all social spaces. We’ll identify where your audience spends most of their time, and gear your social media strategy towards engaging with them confidently.

It’s equally important that you share content appropriate to each platform. What might gain huge results on Facebook could be less successful on Twitter or Instagram. Our social media team is experienced in working with each of the major platforms and developing content that is targeted to each one and strikes the right tone.

Timing is also key. Social media platforms move fast, and it’s easy to get lost among the stream of updates. We have the tools to analyze the best time to post on each platform for your specific audience, and can monitor any mentions of your brand to make sure you respond promptly and effectively.

Your responses to your audience are arguably just as important as the content you publish. We’ll help you hit the right note to ensure your brand is accurately represented. If problems

arise, we can advise on crisis management techniques to keep any issues under control and protect your reputation.

Each project is different, but typical elements include:

  • Development of a social media policy, tone, and style
  • Identification of target platforms and setting up accounts
  • Creating platform-specific content for your audience
  • Linking your web presence and social media presence
  • Building a social media calendar to schedule activity
  • Setting up processes to manage inbound communication
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