Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is as the name suggests. It is the means and process by which your website, or any other alternate web presence, is optimized when searched. If someone Googles your brand by name where it appears on the fifth search page and you seek to optimize it so that it appears much early, you would be utilizing the SEO.



The aim of SEO is to increase the number of visitors to your website. Beyond the virtual world, for instance, malls seek to increase footfall i.e. the number of people visiting the mall and this eventually leads to sales and hence, revenue and profit growth. The same is true for the online world as well. The more the visitors you get, the higher the revenue will be.



There are professionals who provide SEO services so that their clients’ websites appear earlier in searches with much frequency and ease. It is an essential requirement for businesses today as a website is the virtual face of the brand and that face needs to be popular. Easy access followed by a good presentation provides a good impression to the visitors which increases the potential to convert them into revenue.


Why should you care?


Suppose the market norm is that 5% of the visitors eventually end up buying something, you would definitely want to increase the number of visitors so that the probability of 5% leads to higher conversion of visitors into revenue. 10 visitors will not provide as much revenue as 100 or 1,000 visitors and hence, SEO service is an essential must-have to boost the revenue potential


Many people don’t go beyond the first page. The number of people that go beyond the earlier pages keeps reducing as the pages keep going forward and hence you lose out on much of potential revenue.


SEO serves as a cheaper form of advertising and it is much cheaper than television commercial and print ads. Moreover, it does not incur a recurring cost; once your website starts receiving considerable clicks, its popularity goes up which results in optimized searches in the future. Internet is among the foundations of the modern market and targeting potential customers there results in increased prospects of growth.


Your brand may be unique or it may be one out of many and you may not even know of all of its competitors. Missing out on SEO would result in loss of competitive advantage. High ranking in SEO portrays an image of quality and superiority and missing out in these areas will result in you losing both the informed and uninformed customers.


Lastly, focus on SEO helps in achieving economies of scale. You are closer to the visitor, customer, potential customer and competitor than otherwise and by this approach, you are aware of the environment and its marketing intricacies. Since knowledge is power, these skills and knowledge acquired and developed from remaining up-to-date help in both the short and the long run

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